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‌‌Each day donors like you step forward for science & technology. Together, we can change the future of our students, research projects and achieve innovations. Join us !

Together , with your help, we can:

  • Shape the future to fit our biggest dreams,
  • Reach higher in the pursuit of a better tomorrow.
  • Support the future of the Iranian Universities and Research Institutes by your donation.
  • Attract the brightest minds and world-class facilities for education and research,
  • Increase access to higher education for Iranian students

Why Donate?

  • Scholarships and financial support offers students the opportunity to pursue their higher education,
  • Donor support allows us to:
    • Attract and retain the best students and faculty,
    • Enhance academic programs,
    • Support high impact research
  • Your donation can be for:
    • Giving to chairs and professorships; helping us retain and recruit leading, world-class scholars and researchers.
    • Giving to Arts, Engineering, Humanities, library, Physical and Biological Sciences, and Social Sciences; supporting and enriching our innovative academic programs.
    • Giving to the residential learning colleges; providing students with academic support, activities, and events that enhance the intellectual and social life of the students.
    • Giving to research supports; creating a path to a greater understanding for Faculty, Graduate, and Undergraduate students.

Donation Procedure

You could support universities in a number of ways including cash, books, facilities, instruments, property and other similar charity gifts. For donating your gift, please follow-up the following steps:

  1. Download and fill out the Donation Form ,
  2. Email the completed Donation Form to: in this Ministry.
  3. The Donation Form will be sent to the related University/Research Institute,
  4. The authorized correspondent will contact you for further donation procedure.