International Cooperation


On the base of the national goals and interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and through diplomatic channels, this Ministry remains deeply concerned to realize diplomacy of science-technology, academic collaborations, and exchange of experiences with other nations across the world. 

This Ministry bases its framework and policies, on initiating, developing, strengthening, and deepening international science-technology and academic cooperation with its regional and international partners including universities, research institutes, organizations, etc.

The main mission is defined basically upon ‘‘State Developmental Plans’, ‘20-year National Vision Policy’, ‘State General ST Map‘, and other similar national strategies alike.

As the scientific international interface of the I.R. of Iran, this Ministry plays a significant science-based collaborative role between the Iranian sides and their associated partners overseas. The current intensive international partners of I.R. Iran are:

  • Regional and OIC Partners, Germany, Italy, China, Russia, Austria, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc.

This Ministry greatly welcomes development of further collaboration, between the ministries, and universities. As such, The Ministry's main policies and Framework, based on which joint collaborations, students and academics are exchanged, etc. are given in the form of Memorandom of Understanding​.