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Ardabil Science and Technology Park (Ardabil-stp)

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Science and technology parks as one of the effective social institutions in the development of technology and, development of the knowledge economy and professional employment has been considered by many countries around the world.

Market Niche

Science and technology parks are suitable environments for the establishment and presence of professionals of small and medium technology companies, research and development units of industries and research institutes that engage in technology activities in constructive interaction with each other and with parks. The ultimate goal of this association is to create technology sources and facilitate the process of absorption, promotion and dissemination so that all or major parts of the activities leading to technology products in these parks can be done professionally.

Our Global Vision

Important of these activities include marketing, ideation, scientific research, engineering design, prototyping, industrial design, standardization, technical knowledge development, intellectual property registration, sales and subsequent consulting operations to realize technology products in the field of industrial production as well as other specialized services. International cooperation for the application of global experiences as well as an effective presence in world technology markets is one of the strategic goals of science and technology parks.

Aims and Mission

This definition includes different types of parks such as technology parks, technology hubs, research parks, science parks, and technology parks.

  • The by-laws for the establishment of science and technology parks were approved on 12/17/2002, and the science and technology park of Ardabil province was approved by the Education Development Council on 4/8/1493, and the establishment of Ardabil science and technology park was agreed in principle in the specialized technology committee. The planned program for the establishment of the park was considered and it was decided that 80% of the activities of the technology park focus in the specialized fields of agriculture, biotechnology and related industries, tourism and related industries and 20% in other fields.

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Ardabil - Bakri Square - next to the Melli Bank - Ardabil Science and Technology Park building.




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( 38.228650, 48.302272)