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Hormozgan Science and Technology Park

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Hormozgan Science and Technology Park

Hormozgan Science and Technology Park was established on June 16, 2011, to create appropriate infrastructure for the development of science and technology and also commercialize the research achievements of the province's graduates, and create a technology network between industry and university by providing appropriate services in each field. It started its official activity in January of the same year.

This center has attracted and established knowledge and technology-based research units to develop and promote the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, to expand the research relations of the existing industries in the region with research units and universities, and also to increase the competitiveness of knowledge and technology-based companies. Due to the industrial context of the province and the existing capacities in the region, the establishment of research units such as engineering and service companies, offices of research units affiliated to universities, and independent research organizations in this center in addition to helping to improve the level of scientific and technical exchanges. Between the relevant units, it also provides the possibility of utilizing the maximum capacities of the province's industries.

By considering the geographical location and special regional conditions,  Hormozgan Science and Technology Park's main priorities have been defined based on regional advantages and in the direction of sea-based development.

The mission of Hormozgan Science and Technology Park

Hormozgan Science and Technology Park intends to provide a suitable platform that relies on the capacities and capabilities of the region and utilizing specialized forces for the growth and development of knowledge-based businesses. Hormozgan Science and Technology Park tries to promote entrepreneurial culture and increase competitiveness at the national level by creating support structures for innovators and encouraging large industries in the region to invest in the production and commercialization of knowledge.

The perspective of Hormozgan Science and Technology Park

Establishing a science and technology hub in the strategic region of the Persian Gulf with emphasis on the climatic and economic capabilities of the region and establishing technology interactions with the countries bordering the Persian Gulf


• Helping to attract technical knowledge and domestic and foreign capital according to the strategic position of the province in the region and the country

• Commercialize knowledge-based ideas

• Supporting companies, institutions, and technology units and helping them grow and prosper

• Creating a suitable platform for university graduates to start a business

• Increasing the participation of people with new ideas to support Iranian labor and capital

• Meeting the technical and specialized needs of the province's industries and the prosperity of the local economy

Main technology sectors:

  • Agriculture (based on salt water), fisheries (with emphasis on shrimp), marine technologies
  • Aluminum and steel industries
  • Maritime transport and transit

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Hormozgan Science and Technology Park, Hormoz technology Tower, between Tooba  cultural center and gas station ,North Ayyatollah Ghafari street, Imam Khomein boulevard , Bandar Abbas





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