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Mazandaran Science & Technology Park

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Mazandaran Science and Technology Park (MSTP), under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, works to support the establishment, growth, development and prosperity of startups and research institutions in the knowledge economy. MSTP is symbolizing technology development, progress and dynamism.

Launched in 2010, MSTP’s vision is to become an internationally recognized hub for cutting edge research, innovation and entrepreneurship. MSTP provides a sturdy and productive platform for technology-focused research, commercialization and enterprise growth in Mazandaran. In recent years, the Iranian government has ramped up its funding of techno parks or technology development zones, across university campuses and along the outskirts of major cities. From the beginning, the mission of MSTP has been to encourage the entry of technologists and support them, and the activities of the administrative department as well as the offices of companies located in rented buildings have been carried out. But since last year, due to the strategic and specific location of Mazandaran province and also favorable position of Mazandaran Science and Technology Park in terms of science and technology, the decision was made to build a Science and Technology Campus.

According to the fact that science and technology parks are technology-based collections, the technology aspect needs to be bold. The building of such an organization must be implemented in a completely smart way by one of the investors in the field of technology or with the participation of several resident companies in Mazandaran Science and Technology Park.

Technology Towers as symbols of Technology Development have been increasingly used as policy instruments to foster the development of innovative start-ups and regional clusters and addressing the relationship between corporate growth and innovation. In particular, they should stimulate the flow of knowledge amongst universities, R&D institutions and companies. Developing a culture of innovation and professional ethics in society, commercialization of research results and realization of the relationship between research, production and service sectors of society and helping to increase wealth in society through the development of a knowledge-based economy are of the most important key roles of the Technology Towers. More than that they can play the convergence role for the technologies in the province, a place of technological trade and encourage investors to work in the field of technology.

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Agriculture, IT, IOT, Electronics, Health & Medicine, Food Industries, Tourism, Chemist, Mechanics, Green Energy, …

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Farah Abad Road, Sari, Mazandaran Province




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