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Kermanshah Science and Technology Park)KSTP)

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Kermanshah Science and Technology Park affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology which is a full member to IASP, was established in 2005. Startups, small firms, early stage companies, SMEs or new small enterprises are located in the area whereby they are enabled to achieve their goals. These early stage companies receiving various facilities from STP would be able to change their creative ideas into new knowledge based services and products. KSTP, supporting new innovative companies and creative individuals, creates an atmosphere in which the region would go toward faster technological development and help improving knowledge based economy. Possessing resourceful ideas, there are plenty of creative individuals the main desire of whom is changing their ideas into products. Such people, first of all, need to be supported in order to overcome phrases characterized to be full of risks. Supporting them before losing their innovative capabilities is a very significant measure that should be taken by STP.  So far, 668 companies have been supported by the park and currently 253 companies operate in this park. Currently, 1855 people work in technology units and 40 companies located in the park have a knowledge-based grade. On the other hand, Kermanshah Science and Technology Park has set up seven incubators in different cities so far. KSTP pursues goals, the most important of which are the following

*Paving the way to change creative ideas into knowledge based products and services

* Generating wealth in society by supporting startups to produce their commodities

* Promoting knowledge based economy

* Commercializing the results of researches, high tech products and services of startups

*Promoting competitiveness among local enterprises

*Contributing to development in the province

*Performing, as a hub, to facilitate interactions between industry and university.

KSTP as an area for synergic interaction between startups offers basic facilities for its early stage companies. Generally the facilities could be categorized into 3 packages;

*Finance, credit services and facilities

*general supportive services

*consultation services including training, mentoring and marketing

Main technology sectors:

ICT incubator, General technology incubator, Processing Industries and Agricultural Incubator , Innovation and Prosperity  Centers,

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Jahad Daneshgahi/ 22 Bahman Junctions/ Kermanshah/Iran


+98 83 38257245


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