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Semnan - Science and Technology Park of Semnan University

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Semnan University Science & Technology Park (SUSTP)

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Science and Technology Park is an organization, managed by specialized professionals and it,s main purpose is increasing wealth in society by promoting the innovation culture and competitiveness among existing firms at park and knowledge based companies. To enable these goals, science and technology park stimulates the flow of science and technology amongst universities, private companies and market and by it,s own management, facilitates the creation and development of innovation-based companies through incubation centers and reproductive processes.

Establishing park in high education institutes, is one of the best forms of attention to technology development in them. This organization causes creating firms, research and development (R&D) units, producing wealth from existing abilities in institutes and finally creating necessary technology in society by regarding to new technology creation and rendering advanced specific services required in research and development processes, training the techniques of entrepreneurship and offering permanent management consults, providing facilities, laboratories and special workshops and legal facilities, and so play an effective role in the society.

 The history of Semnan University Science & Technology Park

Establishment of Semnan University Science and Technology Park is one of the government approvals after travel to Semnan province in 2007. Semnan university science and technology park is the second park of province that has been established near -by of semnan university. And then by companionship of authorities, and effort of governor and people, inaugurated in March 2008. Following this auspicious inauguration by effort and empathy of province and university authorities, technology committee of science, research and technology ministry, formally agreed with establishment of Semnan University Science and Technology Park in 20 January 2009.

Park,s purposes

· Assistance to technical science promotion of technology units for competition in global arena

· Organizing effective and essential services for technology units to help their development

· Linking university, scientific, technological and industrial center sources to technology unit,s potentials

· Directing scientific centers pertinent to park, toward research in fields that technology units require

· Providing an appropriate condition for governmental and nongovernmental research and development (R&D) units in park

· Encouraging people to research with the approach of product and process development for achieving dynamic and competitive technology

· Helping to new economic firms creation through incubator centers of technology units

· Helping to commercialization of research results 

Main technology sectors:

  • Electronics
  • Mechatronics
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Mining Industry
  • Agriculture industry
  • Food industry
  • chemical industry
  • new energies
  • Control systems
  • information communications technology
  • Commercialization services
  • laboratory equipment
  • Creative industries
  • Nano technology

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Semnan University Science & Technology Park- Javan Blvd- Estandard.Sq– Semnan– Iran.

Zip Code: 35351-59315




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