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Qom Science & Technology Park (QomSTP)

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Qom Science and Technology Park (QomSTP) is a statutory body set up by the Science, Research & Technology Ministry in April10, 2012. In recent years, we are playing role as  a key actor of innovation and technology ecosystem in Qom province.

*Our Mission:

 Our mission is to complete and develop local innovation and technology ecosystem in Qom Province, facilitate knowledge transfer and nurture talents to accelerate technological innovation and commercialisation.

*Our ecosystem:

We empower the innovation and technology local ecosystem through a host of strategic initiatives. We’re supporting innovators with various services to turn ideas into market-ready solutions. Some of our main ecosystem members are:

-           Humanities & islamic siences (Soft Technologies) incubator

-           Technical & engineering incubator

-           Agricaltural incubator

-           Incubator of health & medical technologies

-           Innovation center

-           Innovation factory

-           Techno market

QomStp also is the main governmental stakeholder of  Karimeh research & technology fund.

*Our location & physical infrastructures:

Qom Science and Technology Park is located in Pardisan area, adjacent to the province's universities and research and technology centers.

At present, QomStp has more than 14000 meter square space to settle knowledge based companies and inovative tenants.

Furthermore, we have ambitious development plans to develop our physical infrastructre to over 200000 meter square.

*Our goals:

-  to be The the best specialised Science & Technology Park in the field of soft technologies in Iran and west asia region.

- to be top 10 best STPs in Iran And top 20 in west Asia region.

Main technology sectors:

Soft technologies ( based on Humanities & Islamic Sciences), Health & Medical and all  agricalture,techincal & engineering sectors

Address :

Moulavi blvd, Daneshgah Blvd, Pardisan, Qom, Iran.





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