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Zanjan Province

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Science and Technology Park of Zanjan

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Zanjan Science and Technology Park was established in 2017 in an effort to expand the research relations of the existing industries with the research units and universities of the region. The Science and Technology Park of Zanjan facilitates the growth of technology by providing physical infrastructures that links provincial, national and international resources with emerging or growing tech companies. To achieve this goal, Zanjan Science and Technology Park has established 92 units in the park, and created over 1000 knowledge-based jobs. It has established different departments including: Innovation Center, The Creativity and Prosperity Center, Comprehensive Growth Centers, and county branches in the Zanjan Province.
The main goals of Zanjan Science and Technology Park are:
  • Upgrading and improving the region's technological industries in order to expand their competitiveness in domestic and international markets
  • Facilitate the process of commercializing research achievements, especially for start-ups and vulnerable industries
  • Help developing interdisciplinary specialties
  • Encourage the creation of small and medium-sized companies )SMES) based on advanced technologies
  • Establishing links between the industries of government institutions, universities and research centers
  • Facilitate cooperation and collaboration between the public and private sectors

Main technology sectors:

• Health Tech (CPR meter, Covid-19 Kits, Pulse Oximeter, Fall detector)

• Power Electric (Design, Manufacturing and Services)

• 3D Printers (Bio printers)

• Nano Technology (Nano drug, Nano Textile, Nano Inks, Nano Coating)

• AI (Covid-19 image processing diagnostic)

• AR/VR (surgery room platform, Fab lab, Laboratory and industrial education)

• IoT ( Connected Car, Telematics control, Condition Monitoring and maintenance)

• Fintech (Transaction Platforms, Stock Market Platform)

• Mining & Metallurgy (Process design and manufacturing equipment)

• Agriculture (Prolific sheep with high litter size, Medical Herbs)

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Science and Technology Park of Zanjan. Vahy st. Parvin Etesami Blvd. Zanajn. Iran


+982433737926 -28


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