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Fars Science and Technology Park

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Fars Science and Technology Park (FSTP), authorized by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, officially started its activity in 2002 to create appropriate infrastructures for technology development. FSTP encompasses four incubator centers and a multi-tenant building for entrepreneur companies (graduated companies from incubators) in about 20 hectare of land, North-West of Shiraz city, along with several affiliated centers in different cities of Fars province. FSTP provides an appropriate environment for professional presence of small, and medium technical companies, and their research, and development offices run by innovators. The major goal of FSTP is to constructively and effectively connect companies, universities, research centers, and large industries which are actively engaged in innovative technologies. FSTP also tries to create job opportunities for university graduates and researchers, and provide internship opportunities. Increasing wealth in the country through knowledge-based economy, commercialization of university research results, connecting research, production, and service sections, increasing competitiveness, and growth among knowledge-based companies, attracting technical knowledge, and national, and international capitals, encouraging international collaboration of technology-based companies, are also among the targets of FSTP.

Main technology sectors:

Oil, gas and petroleum incubator

Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Process Industries Incubator

Information and communication technology incubator

Multi-purpose incubator

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Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran





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