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Golestan Science & Technology Park

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Golestan Science and Technology Park, in January 2012, based on the resolution of the Supreme Council for the Development of Higher Education, was launched to create appropriate infrastructure for the development of technology under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. The landscape of the park has become the scientific pole and technology of the country in the region to attract and assemble knowledge-based companies and technology and commercialize the result of research by implementation of the relationship between industry and the university (especially the agricultural and natural resources) and also becoming the regional center for technology transfer in the northeast of the country. The strategic mission of Golestan Science and Technology Park is to provide entrepreneurship and job creation specially for graduates of universities through the creation of small and medium-sized enterprises and their support to commercialize the results of their activities.

Golestan Science and Technology Park aims to create a comprehensive and specialized incubators, as well as to develop technology clusters and flourishing and creativity centers, and provide an environment suitable for the establishment and presence of professional start-ups, technology companies, small and medium enterprises, research and development units of industries and research institutes.

Golestan Science and Technology Park, according to its mission, regards effective communication with universities and research centers and large industries as one of the foundations for its success. In this regard, in order to provide high value added services, active companies and companies have a comparative advantage in the region with the aim of their growth and promotion, and as a result of increasing the wealth in society, trying to create job opportunities and counseling for university graduates and elites. The skills and commercialization opportunities are the result of research work for the faculty members of the universities.

The community of Golestan science and technology park is hoping be able to help the province improve economically and also become an axis of science in country in order to attract knowledge based companies and technology companies to improve even more as well as commercializing the results of researches strengthening the relationship between universities and businesses.

Main technology sectors:

Agriculture, Fisheries, IT, Chemistry, Polymer, Health, Electronics

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9th Beheshti Alley, Shahid Beheshti St., Gorgan, Golestan Province, Iran


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