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Persian Gulf Biotechnology Park (PGBP)

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Persian Gulf Biotechnology Park is located in Qeshm Island, Qeshm is the largest Island in the Persian Gulf.

 This Park Started its official operations since 2008, In order to provide appropriate infrastructures for technology development.

This Park is trying to provide proper conditions to establish knowledge – based companies and R & D departments in the fields of biotechnology) Marine,Medicinal,Agricultural), aquaculture, water and environment, food Industry, new energies and nanotechnology


Achieving the Persian Gulf Biotechnology Park as the center of the country's biotechnologies by relying on the competitive advantages of knowledge-based products and the potentials of Qeshm Island


Persian Gulf Biotechnology Park intends to provide a suitable environment for growth and development of knowledge-based businesses, especially in the field of biotechnology and related industries, by relying on the capacities and capabilities of the region and employing professional specialists.

We are working to promote an entrepreneurial culture and increase competitiveness at national level by creating support structures for innovators, inventors and technologists, attracting domestic and international investment and encouraging the region's major industries to invest in production and commercialization of knowledge.


Development and promotion of interactions with universities, educational and research centers, development of technology networks and biotechnology

Support the creation, development and increase of competition among small and medium technology companies and knowledge-based companies

Development of technological infrastructures

Creation and development of new technologies, demand-driven research, creation conditions for commercialization of research achievements

Development and promotion of international scientific and technological interactions to attract international technical knowledge and increase the specialized participation of domestic technology companies at international level


  • Laboratories: Marine Biology lab, Molecular genetic lab, phycolab
  • Sterilization room
  • Residential complex for researchers.
  • Research Greenhouse.
  • About 3 km near the coastline
  • Around 4500 Square Meters Multi – tenant Building under construction
  • Around 3800 Square Meters Laboratory Building under construction
  • Approximately 3500 Square Meters Official Building
  • an Industrial Fermentor Device for Extracting Biologic Polymers.
  • Amphitheater & Conference Room.
  • Marine Algae Culture Ponds.

Main technology sectors:

Biotechnology) Marine,Medicinal,Agricultural)


 Water and Environment

  Food Industry

 New Energies and Nanotechnology

Address :

Persian Gulf Biotechnoloy Park, Souza road ,Qeshm Island, Hormozgan province, Iran




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56ﹾ9ʹ 13⸳16ﹰ


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