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Khuzestan Science and Technology Park (KHSTP)

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Khuzestan Science and Technology Park (KHSTP) is located in southwest of Iran and established in July 2009. KHSTP is specialized in five industries, namely oil, gas and petrochemical, renewable energy, information technology, agriculture and Marine science and technology, boosts seven incubator centers, that are oil and gas in Ahvaz, marine science and technology in Arvand free zone, agriculture in Dezful and is making efforts to build itself into an excellent park in both quality and environment.

KHSTP is one of the state-level economic and technological development zones and Hi-Tech development zones that are designed to attract foreign investment, introduce overseas advanced technology, and develop new technologies, enjoys preferential policies for both economic and technological development zones and Hi-Tech development zones.

KHSTP is not only responsible for the management of the Park, but also for helping interested companies to find a suitable research partner within academia. It also concentrates the management of intellectual property and technology transfer, as well as the operation of KHSTP’s Incubators. KHSTP will serve as a catalyst to transform Khuzestan from a scientific research hub to an economic engine for emerging technologies.

Main technology sectors:

ICT- Water, Agriculture & Environment Technology – Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industries – Electrical & Electronics

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Soghrat St, Amanieh District, Ahvaz, Khuzestan, Iran




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31.321423 N


48.665721 E