University of Tehran, Science and Technology Park (UTSTP)



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Tehran, Iran

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University of Tehran, Science and Technology Park (UTSTP)

About STP: (300 word)

The University of Tehran Science and Technology Park (UTSTP) with the goal of producing knowledge-based wealth by means of converting an idea into a product, was established in 2001 and is one of Asia′s most efficient and credible center in establishing and developing knowledge based firms. More than a decade ago, the issue of transformation into an Entrepreneur University was considered by the university and therefore the UTSTP currently considered as the main platform for the evolution of the University of Tehran into an Entrepreneur University.

UTSTP Achievements:

Offering 1100 services and products and an annual turnover of more than 5000.000.000 US$ by the UTSTP and its tenant companies are due to the accumulated endeavors and experiences which were gathered in nearly two decades of activity and now the UTSTP family, consists of 2395 employees and by far 85% of them are knowledge workers. 

Main technology sectors:

UTSTP is a general park where admit all types of technology scope such as:

  • Information Technology and Internet of Things
  • Electro mechanics, Electronics, Telecommunications and Radar
  • oil and Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Energy and Environment
  • Materials and Mining
  • …..

Address :

16th Street (Farshi Moghadam), Kargar Street,  North Campus of the University of Tehran, Science and Technology Park, Tehran, Iran




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