Study in Iran

Study in Iran

Iranian applicants

Admission to all of the higher education programs in Iran, requires having the certificate of the prerequisite degree already completed. Admission to undergraduate programs principally requires 12-year Diploma which is a school educational degree totally administered by the Ministry of Education.

Universities of medicine and paraclinical higher educational programs are affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

Non-Iranian applicants

All non-Iranian eligible applicants could apply for the Iranian universities in Bachelor, Masters, and PhD programs and also for research institutes (mostly postgraduate programs). Studying at universities in Iran is generally in three types: Tuition self-paying, Partial Scholarship (covering Tutuion fees), and Full Scholarship (Covering Tuition fees and living costs). For more information on Scholarships, click here .

‌Please note that The Application Form and other required documents should be received by the MSRT or the relevant university, by no later than 22nd August 2016, or 21st November 2016, to start the course on First and Second Semester, respectively.

For more information about the admission and studying at the universities in Iran , please contact the international offices at the Iranian universities or email to .

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