About Ministry

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the main state Ministry involved in higher education, science, research and technology.
There are other public or private bodies/institutions with related functions including 'Ministry of Education’ which is responsible for schooling and tertiary education, the ‘Ministry of Health and Medical Education’, and other scientific and technological institutions affiliated with other state or private institutions in the country.
Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) is a public body of executive power, which carries out functions on elaborating state policy and normative-lawful regulation in the sphere of higher education, science and technology, innovative activity, and intellectual property.
The Ministry's mission is directed at realization and development of intellectual potential of the nation (a key component of stable and dynamic development) of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It considers the national, regional and international goals, interests, policies and ambitions, and is seeking sustainable development for mankind welfare, peace and prosperity in the country and across the world.

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology mandates to:

  • Support and encourage Universities and Research Institutes (public/private),
  • Develop basic and applied research,
  • Support Incubators and Technology Parks ( at least 42 Technology Parks and 186 Incubators),
  • Focus on fields such as Engineering, Basic Sciences, Art, Human Sciences and Agriculture,
  • Promote and support research through funding, human resource development and the provision of the necessary research facilities,
  • Facilitate the creation of knowledge, innovation and development in all fields of science and technology(including indigenous knowledge),
  • Contribute to improvement of Life quality of all the people of the country,
  • Provide services to the research community especially at higher education and research institutions.
In addition, MSRT is paying particular attention to implementing diplomacy of science and technology, traffic of academic collaborations, developing, strengthening, and improving the national and international science and technology cooperation with its international partners like overseas universities, science and technology institutions/organizations.

The main missions and goals of this Ministry can be outlined as:

  • Highlighting the importance and necessity of satisfying the needs of population in higher education,
  • Providing accessibility of a qualitative education,
  • Piloting, developing, monitoring, analyzing, assessing, regulating, encouraging, and supporting the national/regional/international science-technology programs,
  • Promoting cooperation and exchange of inter/intra university collaborations/achievements/activities inside or outside the country,
  • Educating, training, and equipping economics the required specialized personnel for the country and worldwide,
  • Integration of higher education and science-technology achievements,
  • Reforming scientific sphere and stimulating innovative activity as the key sources of stable economic growth,
  • Increase of prosperity and development in the society,
  • Elaboration and approval of the State standards of higher, post-graduate and additional professional education,
  • Ensuring the accessibility of qualitative higher education for all groups of population as the base of social mobility and lowering social-economic differentiation in the society,
  • Lowering social-economic differentiation in the society,
  • Ensuring actual and perspective requirements of economics and social sphere in professional personnel of necessary qualification; creating conditions for development of continuous higher education,
  • Creating conditions for active involvement of university students and educational institutions into economic, social-political and cultural life of society and creating conditions for sustainable development and efficient usage of scientific and technological potentials,
  • Creating conditions for energizing of innovative activity,
  • Forming priority directions for development of higher education, science, technologies and techniques, list of critical technologies and priorities of innovative activity of the I.R. of Iran,
  • Coordination of scientific researches and elaborations that are financed at the expense of public fund,
  • Seeking to find new ways and relevant international bodies as cooperation fields,
  • Providing policies, strategies, plans, etc. for expanding and promoting the regional and international academic, science and technology cooperation,
  • Organizing regional/international meetings, conferences, workshops, lecturing, exhibitions, as well as exchanging sabbatical leaves, scholars, researchers, students, and other academia delegations of foreign partners,
  • Encouraging and supporting set up and opening of new campuses in other countries,
  • Initiating and promoting implementation of the Agreements/Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) between international partners,
  • Establishing or fulfilling the joint workgroups/Committees in fields of higher education, science and technology,
  • Running joint research ventures or educational programs with foreign partners,
  • Keeping close relations with the Iranians elites, researchers and specialists abroad in terms of science and technology transfer and collaborations,
  • Stimulating innovative activity as the key sources of stable economic growth and increasing the prosperity in society.
  • Developing Persian Language and Literature at the target universities/institutes abroad and providing the required Iranian visiting lectures.