Head of Student Affairs Organization:

We should be the center of gravity of attracting students from Islamic countries and the region

11 January 2022 | 11:40 Code : 66237 Press Release
We should be the center of gravity of attracting students from Islamic countries and the region

At the second conference of the consular offices of universities and higher education centers The Deputy Minister and Head of the Student Affairs Organization said: “Be the focus of attracting Islamic students and the region.”

Dr. Dadashpour added: "Considering the education of about 93,000 international students in the country, we must provide hardware and software facilities appropriate to this population and provide laws and regulations that facilitate the presence of these students in the country." He said: "Until these students return to their country after graduation, they will be ambassadors of the good of our country, and this requires solving their big and small problems during their studies by universities and various institutions of the country."

The Deputy Minister of Science said: "In the field of international student travel, meetings were held with the colleagues of the relevant law enforcement and security institutions to reach a joint agreement in this field." He added: "I am pleased to announce that in this short period of time, proper actions were taken by the relevant institutions regarding the students' problems and the result of the negotiations was very promising. It requires basic steps to be taken by different devices.

The head of the Student Affairs Organization said: "It is necessary for this organization to take a series of measures to facilitate the admission of international students, including the launch of a system for attracting non-Iranian students. Preliminary work has started for this purpose and we hope that in the future all the relevant processes will be done through the system.”

The head of the Student Affairs Organization said that “some of the students' problems are related to the legal infrastructure; Such as the possibility of employment while studying, insurance and banking matters, which must be resolved through all relevant agencies.”

Stating that attracting international students from different dimensions creates opportunities for the country, Dr. Dadashpour said: "The presence of non-Iranian students in the country in all economic, political, cultural and social dimensions is an opportunity." It is irreparable for the parliament and the government, so we must increase the attraction of those interested in studying in Iran, and for this, all universities in the country must provide the infrastructure for internationalization, and those related to this sector must reach an international understanding.”

Dr. Dadashpour stated: “We should try to introduce the capacity of the country's universities in the international arena and be among the top countries in the world in attracting international students. Know that the more students from different countries are attracted to Iranian universities, the more windows of opportunity will be created for the country, and this will be due to my and your efforts in this field.”