The Minister of Science:

Investing in science and knowledge leads to increased domestic production, prosperity and wealth

02 January 2022 | 13:21 Code : 66032 Press Release
Investing in science and knowledge leads to increased domestic production, prosperity and wealth

Dr. Mohammad Ali Zolfigol, the Minister of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) said: "If we believe that knowledge, wealth, security and health can be created, then we will come to the conclusion that the best type of investment is in the field of science and technology."

He stated, “Do not doubt that every rial spent on science and technology will benefit many times over; For this reason, in today's world, countries spend a large part of their income on research and technology, but in our country, less than half of the GDP is spent on research. This is an injustice to the future, and the result is that we have to continue selling raw materials.

"The reality is that the University Jihad is active as a compact and smaller Ministry of Science in all areas, such as education, research and technology, and the prosperity of production, the university's relationship with industry," he said. One of the unique features of academic jihad is that it is active in three areas of basic research, applied and development. Your research is in the spirit of jihad, and if this spirit enters any field, it will surely be successful, and we will see these successes in this exhibition as well.”

The Minister of SRT said: "We must support domestic products and create a culture so that our people prefer domestic products to foreign ones, and in this way, provide employment opportunities for their children."

He said: "Another point is that in science, there is no question of ownership, and if we reach a conclusion in scientific research and do not publish it, it is not worth it, because by publishing, we turn personal knowledge into social knowledge, but in technology, ownership is important, Because the art of applying science becomes technology and technology can be bought and sold, and for this reason, in technology, the issue of patents and ownership is raised.

Dr. Zolfigol added: "We hope that our universities will invest in the production of science by following the example of university jihad. I would also like to thank Dr. Taybi and his team for holding this exhibition well; I will definitely introduce these capabilities in the cabinet and we will try to appreciate you.”