Call for the 13th Farabi International Festival for humanities and Islamic sciences research

18 September 2021 | 13:21 Code : 63778 Press Release Conferences Awards
Call for the 13th Farabi International Festival for humanities and Islamic sciences research

Dr. Hossein Mirzaei, Head of the Secretariat of the Farabi International Festival, announced the call for the 13th edition of the festival, indicating the time of receiving the works of this period from September 17th to November 10th of this year.

Dr. Mirzaei stated that the works accepted by the festival, as in previous periods, are in four formats, including "research book", "research report", "doctoral dissertation" and "master's thesis". Published or completed in March 2016, they can participate in this period of the festival.

He added: "Scientific works in this festival are in fifteen scientific groups:" Ethics, Religions and Mysticism "," History, Geography and Archeology "," Law "," Language, Literature and Linguistics "," Social Sciences and Communication Sciences "," "Economic Sciences, Management and Financial Sciences", "Educational Sciences, Psychology and Sports Sciences", "Political Sciences, International Relations and Regional Studies", "Quranic Sciences, Interpretation and Hadith", "Jurisprudence and Principles", "Philosophy, Logic and Theology "Information Technology, Information and Library", "Studies of the Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini", "Studies of Art and Aesthetics" and "Interdisciplinary Studies".

The head of the Institute of Cultural and Social Studies further said: “All researchers in the field of humanities and Islamic sciences can register their scientific works by visiting the festival website at WWW.FARABIAWARD.IR from the 27th of September.”

The Farabi International Festival is organized annually by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the National Elite Foundation, the National Commission for UNESCO, the ISESCO Regional Office and National Commission, and the Institute for Cultural and Social Studies of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.