Professor Zolfigol, Minister of Science, research, and Technology

Special support for scientific diplomacy and the need to expand scientific interactions with neighboring countries

02 September 2021 | 17:28 Code : 63524 Press Release
Special support for scientific diplomacy and the need to expand scientific interactions with neighboring countries

In the opening ceremony of the 52nd Iranian Mathematical Conference held by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Professor Mohammad Ali Zolfigol, Iran’s new Minister of Science, Research, and Technology stressed the importance of expanding scientific interactions with neighboring countries, said: “We will do our best to achieve scientific authority in the world.”

Dr. Zolfigol continued: "According to the statistics of the World Science Citation Database in the field of mathematics, 63,776 scientific documents have been published worldwide, a significant number of which are references by Iranian scientists. Also, the number of quality articles of Iranian universities in prestigious journals of the world has been significant Amirkabir, Azad, Sharif, Tehran, universities have been proud in this field, and we appreciate their efforts.”

Professor. Zolfigol added: "The valuable point in the work of our country's mathematicians is that they have science diplomacy, and this should be considered as the scientific headline of other sciences as well. Interaction with developed countries is important, but interaction with neighboring countries is crucial."

Emphasizing the importance of scientific diplomacy, Dr. Zolfigol stated: "I will have special support for scientific diplomacy and I will work to achieve scientific authority so that a special line can be considered in next year's budget."

The Minister of Science, Research and Technology stated that it very important to support quality and reputable scientific journals and said: "If we support scientists and scientific associations, we will see their excellent growth and development. We will grant special privileges to those who work in scientific diplomacy, and the regulations for the promotion of faculty members will be reviewed. Each faculty member should interact scientifically with at least one international group, and mathematicians and thinkers should encourage, persuade, and guide their students to create a map in the international arena. These interactions should be accelerated in the educational calendar of universities and it should be possible for professors and academics to travel to develop scientific interactions.”