The Twelfth Farabi International Festival Closing Ceremony

18 July 2021 | 12:06 Code : 62973 Press Release Conferences Awards
The Twelfth Farabi International Festival Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony of the 12th Farabi International Festival for Research in Humanities and Islamic Sciences holds on Sunday, July 18, 1400. The ceremony was inaugurated with the message of the President Rouhani and the presence of the Minister of Science, Research and Technology.

Dr. Hossein Mirzaei, Head of the Secretariat of the 12th Farabi International Festival, said: "the owners of 11 projects in the adult section, 8 projects in the youth section, 7 in the international section and also 11 characters in other sections, including veteran humanities and Islamic personalities, were selected." The pioneer of humanities and Islamic sciences, the top translator, the prominent theorist, the scientific association and the selected scientific journal are introduced and honored in the presence of scientific and national officials.

He also stated: “In terms of age, 64% of the participants are in the adult age category and the rest are young. Also, about 68% of participants are men and 32% are women. In terms of the type of work, 2,138 projects (45%) in the form of research books, 394 projects (8%) in the form of final research report, 1057 projects (23%) in the form of doctoral dissertations and 1,150 projects (24%) has reached the festival secretariat in the form of a master's thesis.”

Referring to the process of judging projects, the head of the Farabi International Festival Secretariat also said: “out of 4,739 projects received in the domestic and international sector, after the initial judging, 268 projects in the domestic sector and 41 projects in the foreign sector in several stages. Also, finally 19 projects were introduced to the scientific committees and the scientific council. Seven prominent scholars and researchers from Germany, Afghanistan, Italy, Belgium, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Russia was selected as the winners of the Islamic studies and Iranology section.”

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, those interested could watch the closing ceremony of the festival live through several virtual platforms.”

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