The Performance of Iranian Research Institutes have been Ranked (2019-2020

13 July 2021 | 12:17 Code : 62895 Press Release
The Performance of Iranian Research Institutes have been Ranked (2019-2020

The Islamic World Science Citation Center announced the latest results of the research institutes' rankings for the years 1998-99. Dr. Mohammad Javad Dehghani, Head of the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) and Science and Technology Monitoring Institute, said: “The ISC started the evaluation and ranking of country's universities and research institutes with the indicators and criteria approved by the specialized ranking working group in late 2019.”

He stated: “The information required for ranking universities and research institutes has been collected in three ways:  the rating group of the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC), self-declaration of universities by completing an electronic ranking questionnaire and also some educational information that is provided to the ranking group through Iran's Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) or its affiliated organizations.”

Dehghani continued: “In the ranking of research institutes in the year 1998-99, there are 30 research institutes, of which 19 institutes are affiliated to the MSRT. Accordingly, the results have been announced according to the same division. In this way, a list ranks all 30 research institutes together, and a ranking includes the research institutes affiliated to the Ministry of Education, which have 19 research institutes ranked together. In this ranking, there is the ability to sort the results based on the division of the MSRT, which includes 4 groups of humanities, interdisciplinary sciences, basic sciences and specialized experimental sciences.”

Research Institutes Ranking in 1998-99 is available with the details of performance in each index by referring to their profile. In addition, the ranking results are available to the public on the ranking website at, and its methodology will be clearly posted on the same website.