Call for Participation: 12th International Farabi Award

01 September 2020 | 11:18 Code : 56710 Press Release Conferences Awards
Call for Participation: 12th International Farabi Award

Farabi International Award is an annual event hosted by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in collaboration with UNESCO and ISESCO and several domestic scientific and research centers to promote Islamic humanities.

The Award is named in honor of Abu Nasr Al-Farabi, known in the West as Alpharabius, a renowned philosopher, jurist, scientist, cosmologist, and mathematician hailing from a Persian family, who lived during the Islamic Golden Age, and is known for his works in the fields of political philosophy, metaphysics, ethics and logic, and influencing many prominent philosophers, like Avicenna and Maimonides.

The event promotes itself as a supporter of the restoration and development of humanities and highlights the need for theorizing in the field of humanities, given the effective role of the field in the development of countries’ national strength and improvement of their international status.

The Award receives and selects works for two categories of young (under 35 years) and adult, covers both domestic and international elites. While research works on humanities are the priority in the selection, correction of historical, literary, and philosophical texts, theorization and criticism, and works on veterans in humanities are also accepted.

The Farabi award is periodic, with its first edition held in 2007, and it’s international, providing “an opportunity for scientists, researchers, artists, and cultural and scientific institutions in the world to exchange opinions,” introducing "Iran’s cultural, scientific, art and literary achievements to the world," and facilitating "the introduction of new global cultural achievements to Iranian researchers.”

According to Farabi Award director, Dr. Hossein Mirzaei, this year’s edition of the Award will receive several submissions between from early September until the mid-October, 2020.

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