The XIV Seminar on International Relations: ‘ISRI 2020- Raúl Roa García’, 7-9 April 2020

01 February 2020 | 00:00 Code : 52922 Congress

The Higher Institute of International Relations "Raúl Roa García" summons to the XIV Seminar on International Relations: "ISRI 2020", which will be held in Havana from April 7 to 9, 2020. This Seminar aims to reflect and discuss the ‘Global problems, international law and international security’ in the 21st Century.

The general topics of this seminar are:

  • Contemporary global problems,
  • Multilateralism and international law,
  • The international responsibility of the states and international security,
  • The challenges of public international law and the reforms of the system of the United Nations,
  • The capitalist systemic crisis and the international disputes,
  • The dynamics of cooperation and conflicts in international relations,
  • The global geopolitics and the re-composition of the world system,
  • State and Non-state actors, blocs, alliances, and international coalitions,
  • War, militarism and the conquest of outer space,
  • Visions and schools of thoughts on international security,
  • Upgrading the formation of the professional of the international relations.

The deadline for making relevant applications should be made by no later than 20 February 2020. For further information on this Seminar, key dates and application form, please click here.