Today’s International Law; the Result of Convergence of the International Community

12 January 2020 | 12:22 Code : 52609 Press Release

The Allameh Tabataba'i University hosted the international conference of ‘Unilateralism and International Law’. This conference tried to investigate and study the research and scientific cores to explaining international goals against multilateralism.

In this conference, the Deputy Minister for Legislative and Juristic Affairs of the MSRT, Prof. Hamid Reza Olumi Yazdi, stated that today's international law is the product of the convergence of the international community and the product of the constructive interactions of countries torn by war, antagonism, and extremism.

The panels of the conference focused on four main issues of ‘multilateralism and the development of international law’, ‘multilateralism or unilateralism and international economic law’, ‘the impact of multilateralism on international peace and security’, as well as ‘the future of international relations in the light of unilateralism’.

As quoted by the participants, this conference was an opportunity to examine impartially, wisely and carefully the issue of unilateralism versus multilateralism in the light of the international day-to-day developments of the international community.