Skills Training and Entrepreneurship; MSRT’s Main Priorities

08 January 2020 | 00:00 Code : 52557 Press Release

The Deputy of Education of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Prof. Ali Khaki Sedigh, announced skills training and entrepreneurship as some of the main priorities of the MSRT.

In a meeting of deputies for education of some of Iranian universities that took place at University of Birjand, Prof. Khali Sedigh added that these priorities can be better achieved with expansion of national and international cooperation and exchange of relevant experiences, as well as making the most of existing infrastructures and laboratories. He added that the educational and cultural experiences need to be exchanged through inter and outer context of the universities.

Moreover, Dr Khamesan, Chancellor of University of Birjand, referred to the university’s recent educational, research and ethical achievements and noted higher education as an essential pillar of development and overcoming the society needs. He further added that the universities’ educational standard should be kept to the maximum, and an infrastructure should be set for faculty members to provide a close and yet sustainable link between education and research.

The meeting participants also discussed various higher education challenges and in particular skills training and entrepreneurship in the form of a few technical panels.