The Scientific-Educational Technical Committee for Iranian Elites Abroad Will Launch

24 November 2019 | 00:00 Code : 51365 Press Release

Prof. Salar Amoli, the Acting Minister for International Scientific Cooperation and director of the Centre for International Scientific cooperation (CISC), announced that the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology has operated the new round of the scientific-educational technical committee for Iranians abroad.

Emphasising on the importance of expanding and maintaining the academic and educational relation of the Iranians inside and outside the country, Prof. Salar Amoli highlighted the long-term benefit of this cooperation. He added that expanding this network with Iranian elites abroad will be of great value to the country, where the main scientific and industrial needs of our society can be met, by making the most of the experience and expertise of these elites.

This committee shall initiate its operation on 27th November 2019, at CISC.