Farabi International Award Will be Held in Spring 2020

09 November 2019 | 00:00 Code : 50956 Press Release

The 11th press conference of Farabi award was held at the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, where the Deputy Minister for Socio-Cultural Affairs, Dr  Gholamreza Ghafari, the Secretariat of the award, Dr Hossein Mirzai, and scientific and executive chairs and other representatives of universities were present.

 Prof.  Gholamreza Ghafari, announced that the Farabi International Award, the bases of which is human sciences, will be held in Spring 2020 in Tehran. Shedding light on the importance of social sciences in today’ world, Prof. Ghafari added that “the previous experience of holding the Farabi Festival, has made this award, one of the main reference points of human sciences in the world, where in addition to the Islamic and human prestige, the festival has gained an international reputation.

Moreover, Dr Hossein Mirzai stated that the applications of this award have been based on four main topics of ‘research projects’, ‘books’, ’PhD thesis’ and ‘master dissertation’. He added that so far, 5,769 applications have been submitted to this festival, which has shown an increase growth of 11%; out of which 65% and 35% are mature and young researchers, respectively.