University of Tabriz Hosts the 2nd EURAS Academy

26 October 2019 | 00:00 Code : 50727 Press Release

The 2nd international Academy of EURAS was held at the University of Tabriz, where Prof Mustafa Aydin, the president of EURASIAN Universities Union and his deputies, chancellery board of University of Tabriz, directors and personnel of international directorates of Iranian universities were present.
In this event, Prof. Mir Reza Majidi, chancellor of University of Tabriz, elaborated on the existing research and educational potentials of the university. Moreover, Prof. Mustafa Aydin, president of EURASIA Union, highlighted the importance of ‘introducing the existing capacities and enhancing experiences between the regional universities and Eurasian Union members’, as well as ‘establishing and developing platforms for future international scientific cooperation’.
Prof. Aydin also outlined the experiences of the Eurasian Universities Union in establishing a science-technology based university network, and his own experience of establishing the Grand Istanbul Aydin University with new educational and technological programs.
Moreover, deputies for research and international cooperation of University of Tabriz and other participants also exchanged their experiences on exiting challenges, opportunities, common practices and trends of expanding international cooperation, and approaches towards expanding the horizons of higher education among member countries.