Austria’s Ambassador to Tehran Emphasised on the Integration of Universities, Research Institutions

13 August 2019 | 00:00 Code : 49293 Press Release

In the recent Roundtable for International Scientific Cooperation, organized by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Dr Stefan Scholz, ambassador of Austria to the Islamic Republic of Iran, highlighted the importance of maintaining and strengthening the scientific cooperation between Iran and Austria.

In line with this, Dr Scholz referred to the strategic contribution of maintaining the JCPOA, and stated that “Austria focusses on the realization of all Iranians’ right to sanctions relief and to enjoy economic dividends necessary for Iran’s transformation of the economy from a largely trading to a manufacturing society. Austria is doing this by building a network of bilateral sector partnerships aimed at bringing true benefits from the JCPOA to all Iranians in terms of inclusive growth and economic contacts”. He noted that Iran is strongly focusing on MINT disciplines, and it has all it takes to becoming one of the leading knowledge based economies in the world and a model for societal development in the region and beyond (Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences and Technology).

In this regard, he added that “This requires a transformation from importing knowledge to exporting knowledge. The parameters are in place with the acknowledgement by Iran’s top science planners that innovation holds the key. When you import technology it is normally at least one generation old and until it is implemented, another generation might have passed, thus always being two product generation cycles behind while foreign developers continue to control the black box and the patents. Smart horizontal integration of universities, research institutions and businesses holds the key to technological leadership and resilience”.

Dr Scholz also referred to the previous IMPULSE Iran – Austria call, which was a great sign of mutual interest that enabled both sides to “considerably improve knowledge exchange on an international level and strengthen the international profile of the institutions involved through joint activities and direct collaboration among universities, higher education and research institutions of both countries”. He emphasised on the importance of building trust and partnerships for the common good, and Austria’s will for pursuing practical initiatives such as connecting the Iranian side with the European and Austrian patent office for information exchange on the workings and the benefits of strong patent protection.