10th International Policy Forum on Urban Growth and Conservation, 19th – 30th August 2019, Tabriz

24 July 2019 | 00:00 Code : 48959 Press Release

The architectural institute of Japan (AIJ), the East Azerbaijan’s local government and cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts organization, Tabriz municipality and Tabriz University, are hosting the 10th International Policy Forum on Urban Growth and Conservation in Euro-Asian Corridor.

This policy forum aims continue the momentum of the previous policy forums held in Samara, Russia, 2017. The event will be held from 19th – 30th August, consisting of an international forum, conference, technical workshops, where several official and high-level meetings and cultural tours will be the side events of this forum.

The event will start with the workshop and forum taking place on 19-28 of August and with the presence of approximately 30 national and international students and academics, followed by a three-day cultural tour. The meetings, highlights and outcomes are then wrapped up in the last two days by the conference chairs.

This event will mainly focus on the growth management and environmental/heritage conservation within the areas where the comparison between rapidly-growing core cities and poorly-shrinking local towns is distinct. The shift of urban population towards more economically-promising mega-cities characterizes its disparity, where new strategy for the correction of such situation and inter-regional cooperation between matured part and rising part of the world are highly needed.

Further information on the event, key dates, etc. can be found here.

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