Iran and Pakistan Discussed Various Aspects of Expanding Scientific Cooperation

10 July 2019 | 00:00 Code : 48644 Press Release

Along the 4th and 5th meetings of Board of Trustees of the ECO Science Foundation and the Executive Committee of ECOSF, H.E. Minister Gholami, Iranian Minister of Science, Research and Technology, met with H.E. Minister Fawad Husssain Chaudhary, minister of Science and Innovation of Republic of Pakistan.

In this meeting, the two sides emphasized on the positive role of the cultural, historic similarities and Persian language (being the common language of Iran, Pakistan and Iran) of the two countries on the expansion and strengthening of scientific cooperation.

Ministers of both countries also referred to the existing fields of cooperation between the two countries and significant achievements of Iranian and Pakistani universities. Minister Gholami raised the importance of strengthening mutual cultural cooperation and exchange of students, academics and researchers, as well as the role of the University of Isfahan and Technical university of Isfahan in sustaining and strengthening such cooperation.

Minister Husssain Chaudhary also referred to the positive affect of initiation of ECO activities on relation of the regional countries, and in particular Iran and Pakistan. He added that "There are very good areas of cooperation in various sectors of technology such as oil, agriculture, industry, medicine, future studies, nanoscience, agriculture and irrigation between the two countries.

Referring to the rapid growth of science and technology in the world, he added, "Countries in the region, especially the eco-member, can take great steps with the development of scientific and technological exchanges on top-notch technologies." Minister Chaudhary also emphasized the importance of strengthening the relationship and cooperation between Muslim member countries.