Iran and Russia Discuss Expansion of Scientific Cooperation

10 June 2019 | 00:00 Code : 48066 Press Release

The Russian Deputy Governor of Volgograd, Dr Vladimir Shkarin along with representatives of the Volgograd State Technical University and General Director of Finance of Volgograd Provnce, paid an official visit to meet the Acting Minister for international Scientific Cooperation, Prof. Salar Amoli.

In this meeting, Prof. Salar Amoli, referred to the high quality of science and technology at Russian universities, and named Russia as one of Iran’s main target countries for scientific cooperation.

He also noted Iran’s great potentials and achievements in science and technology, and elaborated on the recent scientific achievements of Iranian universities and scientists. Prof. Salar Amoli stated that there are great numbers of Iranian students studying at Russian universities, and announced Iran’s readiness for expanding existing scientific cooperation with Russia, where exchange of lecturers and students, and holding joint research projects in particular on the Caspian Sea and neighbouring countries were pointed as the main themes of cooperation with Russian universities, specifically the Volgograd province.  

Seeing a bright horizon for the cooperation of the two countries, Prof. Amoli emphasised on the importance of the two sides adapting a particular approach for better implementation and forming a sustainable platform for such cooperation.

Stating that one of MSRT’s priorities is strengthening the university-industry link, it was stated for an Iranian university to be the leading house and partner university of the Volgograd State Technical University, for future cooperation of Iranian and Russian scientist and universities.

Elaborating on historic background, achievements and scientific capabilities of the Volgograd Province, Dr Shkarin also expressed his interest in expanding scientific cooperation with Iranian universities and research institutions and referred to exchange of students and academic members and implementation of joint venture research projects as their priorities for future cooperation with Iran.

In line with this, he invited the MSRT representatives to attend future conferences in Russia. He noted that Volgograd State Technical University is amongst the world’s top 40 in IT, and has been carrying out extensive research with Iranian researchers on this; something that can be expanded even more in the future.