Member Countries of D8 International University Meet

30 April 2019 | 00:00 Code : 47175 Press Release

The 2nd Meeting of the Focal Points of D-8 International University was held in Tehran, the Islamic Republic of Iran, on29thApril, 2019. The Meeting was chaired by Acting Minister for International Scientific Cooperation of the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Prof. Hossein Salar Amoli, and attended by the Director 1 of D8 Secretariat, and representatives of Indonesia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Turkey, Nigeria were also present.

In this meeting, Prof. Salar Amoli, welcomed and thanked the participants for their continuous effort for establishment and fostering of D8 international university and emphasized on the need for cooperation between Islamic developing countries and the importance of changing our societies from resource-based from knowledge-based economy.

Moreover, Director 1 of D8 Secretariat, Mr Nasir Aminu, also expressed his great hope for the future of this university and for fruitful outcome of this cooperation between Islamic countries.

Attendees of this meeting thoroughly discussed the university’s Statute for establishment of this university and expressed their countries’ keen interest and readiness for cooperation between member countries of this university.


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