Happy Nowruz!

21 March 2019 | 00:00 Code : 46597 Press Release

On the occasion of the international day of Nowruz, the Persian New Year, Minister of Science, Research and Technology, H.E. Dr Mansour Gholami wished all Iranian and those celebrating Nowruz, in particular Iranian scholars, researchers and students, a very happy, healthy and prosperous Nowruz.

Minister Gholami announced MSRT’s readiness in the use of knowledge and experience of Iranian Science and Technology Parks for promotion of industry and society through commercialization of research output and entrepreneurship.

In the last year, the Iranian higher education society, academics, researchers, students, directors and those in charge managed to complete a successful year and witnessed many valuable scientific and technological achievements.

Putting new scientific and technological knowledge and achievements at the service of society, equalising higher education at universities and research institutions, educating skilled and entrepreneurial graduates while preserving the country’s scientific status globally were amongst MSRT’s objectives which were achieved last year. Prof. Gholami added that MSRT will continue sustaining these objectives as well as further enhancing the country’s scientific society for the betterment of social welfare.