Implementation of 466 Joint Venture Research Project with Iran’s Strategic Partners

18 February 2019 | 00:00 Code : 45811 Press Release

In the 9thadvisory session of international directors of the Iranian universities, research institutions and Science and Technology Parks, that took place at Iran’s University of Science and Technology, Prof. Salar Amoli announced the implementation of 466 international joint venture research projects with strategic partnering countries.

In this meeting, he stated that our future world will be an economic pole, where it will be based on science, technology and innovation, and so, highlighted the importance of having a knowledge-based economy in Iran. He added that a knowledge-based economy can be achieved through: ‘transfer of science and technology to society’, ‘technical and vocational training’ and ‘internationalization of higher education’.

Prof. Salar Amoli stated that technical and vocational training have turned into a main economic factor at majority of top universities in the world, putting universities and academic organizations at full service of their country’s economy and business. He then emphasized on the importance and need of linking the higher education and industry, and having technical and vocational universities as main poles of training experts in the society.

In line with this, Dr Stephen Schultz, the Austrian embassy to Tehran, also confirmed the importance of technical and vocational training in society, noting that SMEs form 97% of the Austrian business.  Dr Schultz added that Austria has based its economy on 3 main points of ‘technical and vocational training’, ‘competition policy’ and ‘partnership through bilateral and multilateral cooperation’, which have significantly affected the country’s economy.

Furthermore, Mr Farajollah Talebi, director for international cooperation of Technical and Vocational University stated that with more than 173 branches in 120 cities across the country, TVU has continuously trained technicians and experts and 5 MoUs have been signed with German universities, who are one the main pioneers in technical and vocational training in the world. Aline with this, short-term training courses are being held with these universities, and various mechanical and electrical trainings, and industrial technologies have been initiated with French and Austrian universities, respectively.

Moreover, Prof. Salar Amoli highlighted Iran’s recent achievements of implementing 466 joint venture research projects (17 of which are with Austria), producing 2% of world’s scientific papers, and referred to Iranian universities making the most of undertaking research projects and collaborating with 2100 Iranian experts residing abroad. He also announced the importance of internationalization of higher education through: ‘undertaking joint venture research projects’, ‘exchange of PhD students, researchers and academics’, ‘holding joint degree programs that lead to dual and joint degrees’, and ‘holding joint seminars, workshops and symposiums’.