Iranian Deputies and Directors of International Cooperation Met

17 February 2019 | 00:00 Code : 45772 Press Release

The 9th advisory session of international directors of the Iranian universities, research institutions and Science and Technology Parks, organised by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology took place at Iran University of Science and Technology, where H.E. Minister Gholami emphasized on the importance of adapting the right approach and strategy for international cooperation.

In this meeting, where in addition to the country’s deputies and directors of international directors, ambassadors of Austria, India and Turkey, representatives of Australian and Russian embassy and Dr Mohammad Javad Larijani were also present, various strengths and challenges of international cooperation were discussed.

Minister Gholami referred to the exemplary performance of Iranian students, and their very high rate of acceptance at world’s top universities, he noted MSRT’s interest on expansion of scientific cooperation through exchange of students, admission of international students at Iranian universities and undertaking joint venture research projects.

In this meeting, top universities, research institutions and science and technology parks were announced and awarded, where University of Tehran, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences and Isfahan Science & Technology Town were the awardees, respectively.