International Conference and Exhibition on Trenchless Technology, 6-8th December 2016, Isfahan, Iran

06 December 2016 | 00:00 Code : 456 Conferences

Being the first conference on trenchless technology, the International conference and exhibition on trenchless technology (ICETT) aims to introduce new trenchless techniques in construction industries especially in Iran. This Conference will be hosted by the University of Isfahan, on 6-8th December 2016. ICETT hopes to gathers national and international individuals work and research in oil gas petrochemical steel water wastewater telecommunication power distribution and underground infrastructures industries. The Conference topics can be named as: ‘Development and rehabilitation of underground lifelines’, ‘Social and economic effects of urban excavations’, ‘New materials’, ‘New technologies in installation, rehabilitation, and repair methods’, ‘New technologies in oil and gas reservoirs development’, ‘Development and renovation of telecommunication lifelines’, ‘Standards and design codes’, ‘New innovations in trenchless technology’, ‘Environmental issues and sustainable development’, ‘Asset management’, ‘Post disaster lifeline reconstruction’, Automation and electronics’, ‘Case studies’, ‘Safety and security’, and ‘Political and institutional issues’.

For further information on the background information and key dates of this conference please visit the Website.