Joint research projects and short-term programmes are top priorities of MSRT for International Scientific Cooperation

24 December 2018 | 00:00 Code : 44175 Press Release

In the 15th meetings of Deputies and Directors of International Scientific Cooperation, respected ambassadors of Australia, Indonesia, Hungary, and Switzerland were present in a panel discussion chaired by Prof. Salar Amoli, where the latest achievements and challenges of cooperation with these countries where discussed.

Stating that cooperation of Iran and Switzerland dates to 1949 and cooperation of University of Zurich and Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mr Markus Leitner, the respected ambassador of Switzerland to Iran, elaborated on the existing significant cooperation between universities of Zurich and Technical University of Isfahan, as the leading house universities of the two countries. Mr Leitner also referred to 15 recent successful joint research projects, where almost 70 percent and 30 percent of finances of projects where covered by Swiss and Iranian side, respectively.  Moreover, emphasise was made on the importance of initiating more joint venture research projects and holding short-term programmes. Moreover, Mr Leitner also referred to the existing cooperation between researchers of the two countries, as a constructive one, where active participation of lectures and students were highlighted as the most important factor in consistency of this cooperation.

Furthermore, Mr Octaviano Alimuddin, the respected ambassador of Indonesia to Iran, also referred to successful cooperation of the researchers in the field of Biotechnology, as good examples and templates for future cooperation in other fields. He also referred to Nano-technology, technical and vocational training, and medical fields, as other potential fields of cooperation with Iranian researchers, and announced his country’s readiness on providing educational and sabbatical leave scholarships, as well as holding joint venture research projects for expanding cooperation with Iran.

In this event, about 100 international deputies and directors of universities and research centres were present, where the participants exchanged their experiences and suggestions on international scientific cooperation.