Iran and Afghanistan discuss various approaches of transferring knowledge

04 November 2018 | 00:00 Code : 42671 Press Release

Afghan delegates, headed by Mr Mohammad Karim Khalili paid a visit to the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) to the have a meeting with Minister Gholami, to discuss various approaches of transferring science and technology between the two countries.

Expressing their happiness on the existing cooperation between the two countries, Minister Gholami emphasized on the importance of maintaining such cooperation, and hoped for achievement of future constructive cooperation. He also added that according to Supreme leader’s note, all Afghan immigrants residing in Iran are entitled to free education, and higher numbers of scholarships have also been allocated to Afghan students to study at Iranian universities.

Moreover, referring to existing joint venture research projects between Iranian and European universities, Minister Gholami emphasized on the importance of increasing the number of joint venture projects with Afghan researchers and universities.

Mr Khalili also referred to the importance of peace in Afghanistan, and shed light on significant enhancements of Afghan universities in science and technology. He also elaborated on enhancing quality of education and research at Afghan universities, and hoped for further cooperation with Iranian universities.