Minister Gholami Condemned Impose of boundaries and limitations on Exchange of Science and Technology

07 October 2018 | 00:00 Code : 41859 Press Release

With the presence of H.E. Prime Minister of Japan, Mr Shinzō Abe, the roundtable of Science and Technology was chaired by Mr Koji Omi’s speech, the founder and Chairman of STS Forum. In this roundtable, where science and technology ministers of 20 countries were present, Minister Gholami elaborated on the current state and achievements of Iranian higher education, universities and research institutions in science and technology.

Prof. Gholami emphasized on “the importance of internationalization of education, brains circulation, and international transfer of science between scientists and technologists and removing existing bans and boundaries for achieving a sustainable development of science and technology”. He added “Science and knowledge are international phenomena that belong to all human beings across the world and so, efforts made by countries in imposing scientific and economic bans are in contradiction with impartial human rights, opposing the sustainable development and so, is unacceptable”.