Attracting International Students is one of the Main Strategies of the Student Affair Organisation

31 July 2018 | 00:00 Code : 40564 Press Release

In a meeting of the directors of international cooperation of selected Iranian universities and research institutions, Dr. Mojtaba Sadighi, President of the Students Affairs Organization discussed various aspects and effects of financial, cultural and social of internationalization, followed by the comprehensive plans of this organization for developing the infrastructure and procedures of internationalization.

Dr Sadighi stated that there is a huge appetite and interest for internationalization and admission of international students at SOA and Iranian universities, and in line with this, balancing the ratio of Iranian to foreign students studying in Iran is one of the main long-term strategies of this organisation, which can indeed lead into improving the international rank of our universities. It is therefore, hoped to increase the current number of international students to 75,000 in 2021. He also referred to allocating bursaries to elites as ways of attracting international students. Moreover, he added that scholarship will also be allocated to international students residing in Iran that achieve the score of below 100 in the national exam.

Moreover, he added that decentralization of international student services has been considered, where there are currently 11 student consulate centres across the country. 

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