Iran and Spain Discuss Expanding Research and Technology Cooperation

04 July 2018 | 00:00 Code : 40035 Press Release

Following the visit of the Spanish Ambassador, Mr Lopez Busquets, to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT), opportunities of cooperation in research were discussed.

In this meeting, Dr Boroumand, the Deputy for Research of MSRT, who is also the head of the council for research and technology of referred to introducing common technology centres, and various opportunities for joint venture projects to be introduced between universities and companies as possible fields of research and technology cooperation between Iran and Spain.

Moreover, Dr Boroumand elaborated on the existing appetite for expanding cooperation in various fields of renewable/wind energy, design and construction of machinery, simulation of dust-storms in Iran and the region, and adapting the use of hydroponic systems, similar to those in Almeria. Dr Boroumand also emphasized on the need for developing a science, research and technology network between Iranian and Spanish universities.

Moreover, as the leading house for Cooperation with Spain, Allame Tabatabi referred to existing Agreements and MoUs with Spain, a few research projects, exchange of students, joint workshops, and opening of the Khayam Office/research centre at Nebrija University, to cover culture and Persian literature at university, as examples of ongoing scientific cooperation.