1st International Conference on Change Management, Tehran

18 September 2016 | 00:00 Code : 398 Conferences

In an ever changing world with ever increasing pace of change, organizations success and survival are largely dependent on their constant readiness for change. Yet in our region, many organizations and individuals haven’t undertaken the necessary steps to be ready for change, and so, the 1st International Conference on Change Management has been organized under cooperation of University of Kharazmi, University of Isfahan, Coventry University and University of Georgia. This conference will be held at the University of Tehran on 18-19th September 2016.

This conference hopes to provide an opportunity for individuals and organizations to learn, network, and get answers from international and local practicing change experts. It also aims to examine where things currently stand on the status of change in our region, and provide hands-on practical solutions to enhance organizations’ readiness for change.

The main topics of this conference are: ‘types of change’, ‘the role of change management in the success of strategic plans deployment’, ‘change readiness/agility assessment’, ‘change and culture’, ‘change models and programs

Change strategies’, ‘the role of executives, HR, and other departments’, ‘coping with resistance to change’, and ‘global, regional, and local change management experience’.

For further information on the conference, key dates, contact details, etc. please visit their website.