ECOSF Call for Nominations of Experts for Their Interest in Providing Technical Support Units

19 May 2018 | 00:00 Code : 39276 Press Release

The Plenary of the Eco Science Foundation (ECOSF) has announced a call for ‘undertaking of a methodological assessment regarding the diverse conceptualization of multiple values of nature and its benefits (the assessment on values), ‘undertaking of a thematic assessment of the sustainable use of wild species’, and ‘undertaking of a thematic assessment of invasive alien species,’.

All governments and relevant organizations or institutions are encouraged to submit nominations of experts for the assessment on values; and sustainable use of wild species; and to make offers for hosting a technical support unit (TSU) for the assessment on values, and the assessment of the sustainable use of wild species. Nominated experts should have expertise in one or more disciplines of natural science, social science or the humanities, be indigenous and local knowledge experts or have expertise in indigenous and local knowledge systems, or be policy experts and practitioners. All nominees should have experience in working within interdisciplinary, international and/or global contexts. Further information on this can be found here.