Dresden Week at University Shiraz, 14.-18 April 2018

15 April 2018 | 00:00 Code : 38492 Programme/Course

German delegates from the University of Dresden, headed by the University chancellor, have visited University of Shiraz, to hold the Dresden Week at University of Shiraz.

This event, hopes to celebrate the significant scientific cooperation between the two countries, and provide platform for expanding scientific cooperation between scientists and academics of the two universities.

In this event, chancellor of university of Shiraz, deputy mayor of the Fars province, and a number of Iranian scientists and academics were also present, where match-making sessions on various scientific (including Water Management and Water Crisis, Renewable Energy, Engineering, Chemistry, Medicine, International Relations, Medicinal Herbs, and Transportation)and economic fields were discussed.

Moreover, technical meetings and joint meetings of faculty deans of the two universities will also be held, followed by visit of the German delegates from different laboratories of the University of Shiraz, and visit to cultural heritage sites located in Shiraz and the Fars province.