The Pushkin Centre for Teaching Russian Language, Established at University of Alzahra

23 December 2017 | 00:00 Code : 36533 Press Release

The Russian lecturers of Universities of Alzahra and Pushkin State Russian Language Institute have established the Pushkin Centre for Teaching Russian Language, on 2nd of December 2017.

Dr Mollanazari, Chancellor of University of Alzahra, Dr Hanachi, Director of International Cooperation of the university, and number of representatives from Deputies of Research and Technology and Linguistic Department of the university and students, and Dr. Kosteva, Prof. Orekhova, and Dr. Korepanova from the Pushkin Russian Institute attended the opening ceremony of this event.

In this event, Dr Mollanazari referred to opening of this Centre as a step towards expanding cooperation between the two universities.

The two sides agreed that this Centre will be undertaking implementation of scientific, educational, training and testing of Russian language in which with the help of personal interactions of Iranian and Russian expertise and students, exchange of students and academics, holding university tours, technical seminars, and sabbatical leave opportunities for lecturers and PhD students, can help with expansion of scientific and cultural relations of the two countries.

This center will hold tests on standardizing applicant’s knowledge of Russian language, and provide trainings on Russian language for Iranians.