Iranian and Indonesian Ministries of Science and Research, Discuss Fields of Scientific Cooperation

09 October 2017 | 00:00 News Code : 34610 Press Release

H.E. Dr Seyed Zia Hashemi, Head of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, had a meeting with the Indonesian Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Dr. Muhammad Nasir, to discuss various fields of expanding mutual scientific cooperation between Tehran and Jakarta.

In this meeting, Dr Muhammad Nasir, headed high ranking Higher Education delegates, where the two Sides discussed ‘signing new documents on scientific cooperation between Iran and Indonesia’, and ‘starting cooperation on new fields of cooperation such as Food Sciences, Agriculture, Information Technology, Medicine and pharmaceuticals, Nano and Bio-Technology and Aerospace’, ‘Science and Technology Parks, Joint research projects’, and ‘exchange of academics and students’.

Referring to Iran’s outstanding achievements over the past two decades, Dr Hashemi added that enhancing and developing scientific cooperation with Indonesia is of significant importance to Iran. He hoped that Iranian and Indonesian universities can exchange lecturers and students, as their first actions of implementing these MoUs.

Dr Nasir also expressed his country’s readiness and keen interest on expanding these cooperation, and added that Indonesia hopes to learn from capabilities and experiences of Iranian universities and Science and Technology Parks in implementing Indonesia’s Development Programme between years 2018-2045.

It is worth noting that the Indonesian delegates will also have a meeting with the Director of the Headquarter for Nano-Technology, Chancellor of University of Shiraz, and will visit the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC).