Guilan University Holds Short Courses for Academic Members of Atyrau State University

03 October 2017 | 00:00 Code : 34453 Programme/Course

Following by the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the university of Guilan and Atyrau State University of Kazakhstan, and the existing cooperation between the two countries, University of Guilan organized two short courses ‘Fundamentals of Soil Science: Soil Reclamation and Analytical Techniques’ on 24th -26th September, and  ‘Water Science and Engineering: Measurement and Simulation Techniques’ on 27th -28th September, 2017.

These workshops were held at Faculty of Agriculture, ‘to introduce the available soil and water laboratorial equipments’, ‘train the academic members’, followed by ‘establishing the soil and water laboratory in Atyrau state university’ and ‘solving environmental issues caused by salinity and oil spill in Atyrau region’ by Guilan University.

The participants of these courses were the SWATEL members of Atyrau State University. It is worth noting that the Atyrau state university is a member of Association of state universities of Caspian Sea region.