MSRT is Making a Continuous Effort in Establishing Joint International Universities

30 September 2017 | 00:00 News Code : 34413 Press Release

In the meeting of 11th Session of the Deputies and Directors of International Cooperation of Iranian universities, in University of Shiraz, Prof. Salar Amoli, the Acting Minister for International Scientific Cooperation of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT), stated that the new government has a ‘positive approach’ to international scientific cooperation of Iranian universities. He added that in line with this and in the framework of the country’s regulations and national development plan, the MSRT is making continues effort in establishing joint universities with different countries in the world.

He referred to this as a “perfect and valuable opportunity for expanding internationalization policy of our universities and higher education centres”, and added that “today we have witnessed that our supervisory and governing bodies have identified and established new routes for international scientific cooperation”.

He added that this has indeed provided our universities with vast scientific and technological fields of opportunities, and great responsibility and challenges to meet. He added that without doubt establishing joint projects with our international fellows requires formation of infrastructures, for which the MSRT has undertaken intense negotiations with relevant organisations such as ‘Management and Planning Organisation’ that can assist the MSRT in covering the financial aspects of such infrastructure.